Movement doesn't work in UE5.0 project - Solution

Edit: there’s a better way to do this in UE 5.0 or greater. See beegeedee’s response below.

I used the .zip file in this lecture’s resources to start this tutorial with UE5. However, when it got to the point to test the project after the challenge I could not get movement to work. I discovered that the zipped project was missing the file ‘DefaultInput.ini’. This is where the “MoveForward” AxisMapping is defined and binds to common keys to specify Scale (i.e. ‘W’ for forward, ‘S’ for backword).

I used the DefaultInput.ini file from Sam’s project repository here.

If you put this file into your project’s Config folder (you should probably close the UE editor and rebuild the entire project after doing this), the input bindings will start to work as expected. Apparently this file is autogenerated using the UE project wizard, but is missing from the .zip file.

If there’s a way to generate this file another way that’s better than copy/paste, let me know.

Actually, the project is the bare bones project for UE 5 because the simple vehicle template and the classes it needs were removed from UE5. It contains the assets only and all the movement and input was stripped to ensure UE5 compatibility.

How do I know this? I created the project file.

The course doesn’t use anything else from the template except perhaps the input bindings but the project was created by migrating just the required assets from 4.27 into 5. Unfortunately the input bindings are not included in migrations.

Adding the bindings is fairly straightforward and as it happens, in 5.1 the existing bindings are deprecated in favour of the new input system and I suspect they will be removed int he next release or two.

To generate the file, go into project settings and define 2 axis input bindings and set up to use the desired inputs… Gamepass, keys, whatever you wish.

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Thanks for letting me know there’s a better way!

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