More Ledge Animation woes

As seen in the clip above, I am having some issues getting my character to climb the ledge…
As I stated in a previous post, my ledge hanging doesnt actually grab the ledge, it triggers the correct state, and plays the animation correctly but the character falls to the floor. I created a work around to correct the issue by placing a Ledge collider at the players feet below the ledge. That worked for my purposes, but now when I trying to climb up, I have some issues.
A: If I leave the animation as is, the animation plays, the Character is positioned correctly and then snaps back to their original position at the end of the animation.
or B: If I bake the movement into the animation, gravity takes over (its seems as if it happens as soon as the ledge detector looses contact with the climbing Collider), and my player falls back onto the ledge.
I have even added/set a bool on the Force Receiver while the player is climbing that disables the forces being applied… So i really have no Idea why my character keeps falling.

Paste in your PlayerPullupState.cs and we’ll take a look…

I will tonight! But based on your response to my previous post, I bet it’s the same issue.

That’s a pretty safe bet. :slight_smile:

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