Modular vehicle / my version of Wall-e

Hi people! Keep making my small steps and challenging myself. Instead of modular military vehicles, I decided to make my version of Wall-e :))) Iโ€™m a BIG admirer of this character :laughing:
and this is what I got so far :raised_hands:

Some questions remain open for me- why in the first place the double faces, thereafter edges&vertex
constantly appear? I learn how to get rid of it- cleaning mesh, merge by distance, but will be better to understand why itโ€™s happening.

I was setting up three points lights, hoping to achieve a deeper volume of the shape in almost black background. Also, I try to make procedural rust and get some idea about nodes.


Very well done. Procedural textures a whole black art in themselves.

One common creating of extra geometry on top of itself is extruding, or rather starting to extrude then canceling. I does not undo the making of the extrusion but just cancels the moving of it to the extended point.


Thank you NP5!
Thanks for sharing, will try these steps. In my case, doubles happened mostly after bevel and scaling.
So I always clean the mesh after.

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Thank you!

Iโ€™m a fan of Wall-e too, so glad to see you did a nice job of recreating him. :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to know:), thanks a lot Miss_B!

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