Modular space station

Here is my take on the modular design.

Instead of making a building from the outside i decided to make a space station interior. also added few extra details not part of the modular design. Two of them are easy to see (planet/moon and water vapor from vent) but can you see the third one?


Nice modular design.

The fade out/in in the movie is a bit distracting, why you added?

Because of mistakes i made :frowning:

There were some parts where camera movement was not fluid and i noticed it after i had finished rendering. Had to do something to hide it.

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If you would like to i guess i could add the other video that has those parts included so you can see the difference. Maybe there is a better way to solve it without re-rendering parts and trying to match frames to camera movement.

What I do is render short sequences of 2-4 sec.
If something goes wrong I render those parts again.
But for this, it’s handy to have some sort of script in your mind.
Knowing where to add camera cuts.
But still, an amazing job because I know it’s difficult.
Great job!

I also noticed this and wondered why. Other than that, I think it was very nicely done.

Good tip FedPete. Ill try to keep that in mind.

I need to get into a habit of sticking to my plans and rendering shorter sequences at a time.

Huge problem i have right now is that i can’t seem to stick to my original idea. I start small and keep expanding upon the same scene. Also i re-texture same stuff multiple times and have little to no plan when i start creating something. My usual plan is something along the lines of “i want to make a cool space station” or whatever it is that i want to make.

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:wink: So recognizable. My space station modular hallway stranded also. Too ambitious for that moment 2016.

But, this is part of the learning curve.
And the creative need to express yourself.
Don’t look back, start the next project.
Later you can always go back to an old idea or project.

Have fun.

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