Modular Dungeon

Hey there!

It’s been five months (:pleading_face:) since I finished my lighthouse render, but I managed to get back to it. :sweat_smile:

(There is a slight error with one of the door positioning, I corrected it on file, but I’ll do another render later if I have time. I have a potato laptop that heats up for no reason. Such a baby…)

I was reluctant to deviate from the course material the first time, but I’ve been a little adventurous this time around. Sort of… notably barrels, stairs, boss battle area, and roof!

Stacked but not entirely satisfied with how it looks.

Open barrel with separate lid. :innocent:

My dungeon has a roof! Stone slabs held together with wood, but it didn’t look good on the reader. So, I settled for grey/brown color for the wood. That’s better. Maybe it will look better with more roughness.

Stairs to the boss floor! :fearful:

The water spirit boss is sleeping… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I had to position it so the light reflecftion don’t appear in the render. They show up as orbs. I looked up and discovered we are supposed to use light probes to get around it. I’ll look into it later.


Very nice details and a dungeon layout.


Really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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Well done getting back to the course.

It is a good large and interestingly laid out dungeon. Nice top have a roof, adds the enclosed feeling. Great work making double height and steps module too.


That stairs are impressive :heart_eyes: and the roof too

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Nice work. I enjoyed making mine.

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