Modular Design: Dungeon Tiles

I have been thinking a lot about getting into D&D recently and started making modular tiles for my game so I decided to make some 3D renders of my plans.

Here are the segments of my “Test Dungeon”:

Hallway Entrance w/Stairs

Offering Room w/Braziers

Trapped Hallway (I still need to make a pressure plate or something)

Tomb (I need to make a statue and sarcophagi)

I made a quick walkthrough video as well:


It would be nice to have a small movie to explain the back story of a quest in D & D.

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Would be a nice goal to work towards. Might be annotated rather than voiced however as I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

Was also thinkin’ about using these assets in a turn based adventure using Unity, but iunno.

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