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Hi, so i read from an other topic that the old course had a section about mobile version of the game, is there a way to access it? or maybe some of you could show me some old topic or post in the blog addressing some of it? i’m really interested in mobile implementation, is it addressed in any current course?

Hi Shinos,

There was a “mobile version” in the original course. Please go to lecture “Coupon For Original Course Content (Created In Unity 4 / 5)” (currently #213 on Udemy) to find a link.

However, don’t expect too much. Ben does not do much else than to select the Android platform in File > Build Settings and to click on the “Build” button. The touch input works automatically. If you want, you could try to build the remastered Glitch Garden project to Android to see if it works. If it does, there is no need to follow the outdated content.

Did this help?

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Yes, thank you!

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