Missing links!

So the video is saying the resources will be linked in the resources section. I am just seeing “lecture update” Which only shows updates on code fixes. Example the dasher texture files are not linked. I had to follow some instructions from other students.

I see the replies from some one official but, keep updating the vscode link.

That is the only resource link that shows up and that is not what others are complaining about. Please update the videos to match the instruction of how to download the resources needed to do the lessons.

It is frustrating as a newbie on coding to have to dig around to find the resources needing to finish the lesson.

This is not some free course on youtube where that is kinda expected to happen. We are paying for these courses and the lease you can do is update the courses as changes are made since we are paying for them.

The replies i see from the officials on here related to other students having the same complaints show me that you guys using copy paste replies instead of actually reading what the complaints are.

I am seeing people complaining about missing lessons files that has nothing to do with the VScode lesson. I see the reply multiple times that you have updated the link to the VScode template and this is not what we are complaining about.


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There’s no missing link, it was just not the link you were expecting but I do agree that links should be updated in the resource section, especially if the video is specifically about setting up the project.

For anyone lost, the GitLab website has all of the course material. The Codename: First Concepts section in this course shows you where to get the vscode-template-main project folder and also shows you how to navigate the GitLab website. If you’re looking for the textures folder needed for Dapper Dasher and you followed the “This Lecture’s Project Changes” hyperlink posted under the video, just look at the folder tree at the top of the GitLab page, GameDev.tv > CPP Course > Dapper Dan > Commits > etc… Click CPP Course and you’re back on track with the tutorial video.