Mid section challenge "Cyber Zayats"

I hope somebody here know this character. I scared him so much in my childhood :robot:


very nice and colourful design.
nice expression.
A fun project you have.

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Looks good and nicely lit.

Sorry never heard of it, different generation, and probably part of the world. :older_man:t3: :laughing:

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Sorry, can’t say I’m familiar with the character either, but well done all the same.

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I can’t recognise him too… He is cute and scary at the same time… I llove him! Can you help us to find a winner this week and vote? - Blender Collab: Week 39 “Halloween”

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Thank you for your responds. The character from soviet animated series “Well, you wait!” (“Ну, погоди!”). He is unstoppable like a terminator!
I just curious how many people here can know him.


Nice Collab. So many awesome scenes. I’ve voted for one of them. I want to particiate, when I be a bit more skillfull :grin:


Oh, i thought about him! Just didn’t imagine him in 3D! - I’m russian ) You could participate in last collab, your Zayats has a Halloweenish look. Check the next theme, it will be announced today!

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Wow, cool Zayats!
Seems more friendly to me than another one from "Nu Pogodi! "

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