Message not printing when bullets hit the enemy

I’m not getting the message on console, when my bullets hit my enemy game object.
i turned off the trigger in my enemy game object ,I copied the function name from the resources and pasted in my code. I did everything what was there in that video.

Can you show me the snippet of the code

Try adding a rigidbody

I tried it.Still its not working

Hi @pavan_p,

Are you using Unity 2019? If so, I’d suggest to update because Rick uses Unity 2020.1. We do not support older versions of Unity.


I’m using the 2019 version of unity.

Still I’m facing the problem.
Can anyone help me?

Did you try to install Unity 2020? As aforementioned, we do not support older versions than the one our instructors use in their videos.

Yes, I have installed Unity 2020 and when I play the game I’m getting this warning.

Your class “enemies” needs to be uppercase is my guess.

Thank you !
I got it :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Does that mean you fixed the problem? :slight_smile:

See also:

Thank you for the help. I had to attach the enemies script to the child game object but I attached it to parent game object.

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