Merging sculpted objects after Retopology?

Hello, I´m currently following the “Introduction To 3D Sculpting In Blender - Model A Dragon From Scratch!” Course and am currently shortly before the Texture Baking phase.

Unfortunatelly, after the Retopology, I completely messed up the legs of my dragon. I just couldn´t get them right and at some point, I got so frustrated that I just cut them off and proceded with the course.

Later I resculpted them, but now I don´t know, how to connect them to the body again, if it is even possible at all.

I wanted to modell some cloth strips around the ankles anyway, so maybe it´s not extremly important to have them be one Object again, but I would prefer it, if possible.


You could try / experiment

Using a boolean union (to remove the inner mesh)


Join the two objects and remesh (to remove the inner mesh)

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Separate objects, then Ctrl J join them, Main body as the active selection would be best.

Then a remesh should remove the internal bits and join the ‘skins’.

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Yeah, I thought about remeshing, but in the Tutoriel he said, that it would be bad to remesh at this point, that’s why I put my question here.


It is the HP you are joining presumably.
So no effect on the retopo, or if there is it is easy to adjust it to fit the small area of the change.
The risk/problem of remeshing is it can mess up the finer work all over it. That is less if you can remesh to an even bigger vert count, finer mesh.
Saves all along and test it would be my idea.


Yeeeeh, I somehow got around it without remeshing, lot’s of trial and error, but I think it is more or less working out now. ^^;
Still, thank you.


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