Mercurial Cube, my second Epic Game Jam submission

Game can be downloaded here:

Video (5min) of a playthrough:…&v=rVejy40O0vE

Mercurial Cube

You start in a room of a big cube. Find your way to the center!
Mercurial Cube: A First Person Puzzle by Deplorable Mountaineer, built on Unreal Engine 4.
Move: WASD or RMB to move forward
Operate: (open a door or press switch to rotate the entire cube) LMB or E or F
Jump: Space Bar
Crouch: C

Quit Game: Alt-F4

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Looks like you had a bit of an issue with your Youtube link, figured I’d post the full URL.

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Thank you! Unless I’m just not seeing it (happens all the time with me), I see no way to edit my post–perhaps editing is disabled after a certain length of time.

Usually this icon, but maybe it goes away after so long.

Cool game!!!

Have you seen the movie Cube? lol

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