Maths for Games - A Fresh Start for Mathematics


Please, i need that course. Indeed, i was searching for something like this


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Edit: Oh, you don’t have any programming experience, do ya? Still, isnt everything in physics pretty much applicable to a game engine in some way, being it 3d points in space?

Isnt a game engine nearly the equivilant to a 3d-graphing calculator. With extra rules applied?


It would be great to learn more about Vectors, dot products, cross products and how they can be used in a game and also about rotations and quarternions and various Unity API methods related to this.


Very much would like this course :slight_smile:


I’d definitely buy such a course. I think there’s a decent sized group of people who are interested in making games who aren’t from a traditional computer science background and so missed out on a lot of the maths that could be helpful to them.


A math course would be extremely useful for all of us.I will definitely buy it if you make a course


@sampattuzzi, that’s a great idea for a course - but the book you’re looking at is AWFUL and pretty notorious in its field. I bought it a few years back (not knowing about its reputation) and it quickly expunged any hope of ever grokking 3D math I ever had.

Based on the presentation and assumptions the author makes it’s aimed at mathematicians, not game devs.

The good news? There’s a different book that is absolutely fantastic, and that I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up basing your course on. Anybody reading this - avoid the former book at all costs (unless you already have a very strong grasp of trig, calculus and physics to boot) and get this one instead:

I’ve used it personally, as have many fellow devs, and the consensus seems to be this is one of the best, if not THE best, books in this field.

Again, whatever you end up with, avoid the former at all cost. I’ve actually donated mine to goodwill because I know I will never ever be opening it again. It’s that bad.


Before college, I thought I was one of those people that just didn’t “get” math. Since I’ve been learning and programming, I’ve come to love it. My only problem is that I don’t really know where to start. My knowledge is so stunted from years of avoidance that I don’t know where to begin learning. A course on this subject would be awesome.


Hearted :wink:


I’ve started reading this book. So far it’s good but it would be too soon to tell. :slight_smile:


I’ll check out the book, but I find I learn better by video example, particularly as a course by you guys would be in-engine I presume and have real examples of utility.


I’m here cause Ben just helped me to finally understand Sine waves and radians and Tau… Im 46 a developer for almost 10 years and I’m suddenly interested in the Maths…so weird!


I am also interested in this.


I have a lot of interest in this.
Also, it will be awesome if this course be the first of a Shader Programming path. It’s really necessary a good shaders course.


You know if in high school mathematics using games as a drive was a thing I think a lot more students would be interested in mathamatics and be one answer the question why do I need to know maths?

  1. Because the world revolves around money… but let not get into a capitalism debate.
  2. To understand how computer graphics works. I have a dream of students using computers to understand mathematics visually via computer graphics!


I’d rather a redesign and expansion of the “Game Physics Course” , the Math specific topics also could be just included there.


as @MichaelHazani already mentioned, this book is not good for learning. I got one and tried to study vectors using it, but it is not made for learning purposes.
My opinion is based only on the ‘Vectors’ part of the book.
You can use this book only as a reference on what is required for programming and if you have knoveledge in that part of math.
Some theorems have proofs, but they are missing some intermediate steps. Many times i had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how did they get to the end point of the example.
I got recomended this book on math for games:

Haven’t read it yet though, so if someone knows something about it, let me know please


I think a course on math for games would be excellent, including both 2D, 3D, physics, and game AI.

I regret to this day not paying more attention in Algebra, Trig, and Calculus.

And, I think it’s important to develop any kind of decent games.

Count me in!

If the course will be anything like your Unity 2017 Complete course, then that would be huge!


I can’t find an option to “heart” this, but I love this idea.


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