(*I have finished the course and I have the last game features, I am writing it here this because I believe it is the appropriate place to do so).

Hi guys!, I have a problem:
I click on Find Match button (menu), matchmaker connects (go to game scene), then I click on exit game, and I do this so many times (with editor and build).

But I see that there is a possible problem in the UGS part or the code.

The servers are Allocated (not online) and when I go to search game I get MatchAssigmentError.

Is this UGS servers behaviour normal?
And the MatchAssigmentError is due it?

Are there any obvious errors in the server log files?
Perhaps the servers just need to be restarted.

Yes, sorry:

After 10-20 times findind/leaving match, the first player that wants to find a match join, but the second keeps in the menu (so the first player is alone):

Is the error resolved when you restart the server?

Hi friend,
when I restart the server it goes fine 20-30 matches (I have increased the number of servers from 5 to 7 like the teacher), but then it starts to crash (one player join but the other server throw error > editor is fine).
The other day error:

A new error:

I have Unity 2022.3.14f1

I don’t know if this is cause due to server limit or something (I’m investigating but I can’t really find anythin).
Thanks in advance.

Perhaps your servers aren’t shutting down correctly, so they are running out of resources? Are you able to check the dashboard to see the compute usages?

I don’t know if you mean this
Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)


I have navigated through all the menus and I don’t see anything about cpu usage or something about servers usage.

Hmm, you are right, I don’t see any usage metrics.
Does the dashboard show just one server running when this error is occuring?

As I told you I increased the servers from 5 to 7 and it seems that it takes longer for the error to appear (but it appears finally).
When it happens as I saw is when all the servers are allocated.
I don’t know if I can increase the cpu or ram speed of the servers.
It is very strange my friend. Thx again

Ya this seems like scaling issue on UGS end. Those servers should be deallocated when they are shutdown. Maybe you can contact support and get more information from them.

I will do it. When I get a reply from support I’ll post it here in case it helps anyone.

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Finally I think I found the problem.

I have been able to get a detailed message from the editor.

So as I can read at Unity Multiplayer Networking docs, as I am on the same pc testing sometimes there are problems (I see it as obvious)

Testing in different computers seems that it is working as expected.
And UGS keeps allocated servers, but still working seems (strange but is works)

I always recommend students do not use ParrelSync for this course as it can cause a number of issues. Best to use builds of the game alongside the editor for testing.

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