Manual control for keyboard, ,maybe?

may be awkward though. I’m thinking the numeric keypad (hold for continuous increment/decrement):

7=left track increase speed, 9=right track increase speed, 1=left track decrease speed (or increase speed reverse), 3=right track decrease speed. 8=turret up, 2=turret down, 4=turret rotate left, 6=turret rotate right, and 5=center all (smoothly make tracks nonmoving, rotate turret to neutral, straight ahead position). Could have things like keypad + is increase rate (so, say, holding 7 accelerates the left track more), - is decrease rate, and 0 is reset rate to default.

Other than that, I would personally prefer the Unreal Tournament 3 Goliath tank fly-by-wire controls, mouse for turret and wasd for tank turning and wasd for tank turning and accelerate forward/back. Letting go of the w or s key smoothly decelerates to a stop.

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I have to agree somewhat with Todd here.
I think sole keyboard control would be too complex at end user anyway but the keyboard mouse combo i feel should be as standard.
I have played world of tanks on PC for about 5 years and not once have i setup a controller for it because as a pc user it just seems alien to do so. (Its handy to know how to do this but if you dont have a ps3 or xbox controller you will have to buy one/alternative and stop the course until you get one)

Setting up keyboard controls shouldnt be too hard and combining the look direction with aiming shouldnt be hard either.
Also i feel that holding right click should allow a player to look around without turning the turret either.

These (and others), I feel need to be options for keyboard and unless you are building for a console then omitting keyboard and mouse controls alienates most of the playerbase. (Based on research for PC world of Tanks)
If its not done within the course obviously i will work it out for myself but at a guess releasing the key would mean OnKeyRelease starts a delay incrementing down the force applied to the tank to come to a gentle stop.