Making Virtual Studio have priority over Monodevelop?

Hello ! First post…

My names Jack B, I am a student hoping to work my way into the development field, particularly in the form of VR/AR/MR development (like a lot of you I am sure).

I have been using Unity on my Mac in the past but have decided to switch to my PC and when I attempted to open up a new script, Unity by default took me to Monodevelop (which I am familiar with) but for the purposes of the course and preference I was hoping to use Virtual Studio.

Is there a simple way to go about switching which one Unity decides to open up??

Thank you and looking forward to really jumping into this course!

Hello Jack, Welcome to the community!!

Yes, there is, go to Edit > Preferences > External Tools, and choose the IDE that you prefer in the External Script Editor drop down menu.


In addition to @Joao_Dalvi’s post, check out this thread there’s a screen shot of how to do it…

…and also this one regarding line end issues;

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