Making a chain link necklace


I am trying to learn to make a chain link necklace in blender. I am using a tutorial from Jayanam.
I have followed everything up to the array moderator. My problem is. when I add array moderator for some reason my link does not come out next to the first one it comes out under it. Gyazo link of my screen


I think we discussed this on the discord server but i dont remember if we found a solution in that blender guru video.

If you can let me know on this then we can close the question or look at different solutions/reasons for the issue :slight_smile:

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Did you check your Rotation / Location settings ?
Mostly if you have un-applied rotation or scale, this can cause such issues.
And for the Array modifier that is very important, also where your origin is. If you move the origin, it will affect your arrays’ distance.

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In this tutorial, when you change the array’s offset from Relative to Object the new chain link will be placed where you expect it to be.

I’ve included my Chain Link tutorial.blend (574.9 KB) file for anyone who wants to take a look at it. (blender-2.80-191b8951f7af or later required)

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