Made a cat (Updated)

Here you can see the cat i made, took me a while and still doesnt really feel right to me. Im also definitely gonna put more practice into hair cause its still not how i want it and i spent hours on trying to get it right. Feedback appreciated!

(Updated Section)
I tried out lots of new stuff! like combining the two render engines for a very different look, and rigging using rigify! (i also used the tutorial np5 linked in the comments! Had to redo the hair but it was so worth it)

I thought the fur looked studio ghibli-esque after using a smooth f1 voronoi texture to make it a tortoise shell cat, so i spent all of yesterday trying to get a ghibli scene going which was a ton of fun!. The waterfall is animated and i might animate the trees and stuff too but for now im going to move on to the character creator course!
(the legs are still connected in a weird way because of the way i connected the mesh, couldnt smooth it out sadly)
Cat render (no pose)

Cat after having been posed

My final eevee render

Cat rendered in cycles, bg in eevee


Hair is really tricky to get looking right.

One ‘trick’ found by another of the forum users is to triangulate the mesh. IT seems to even out the distribution of the hairs, less bald patches.


Thanks! I’ll try it out!


Realism is hard to do.
All aspects need to be accurate.
So the grass could be less uniform.

But still, you are making good progress.

Not sure, how you made the cat’s body.
But some mesh smoothing could help.


was actually about to post an update! Thanks for the tips!

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Good update! Fur is much better and now tortoiseshell too!

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