Mac shortcut for extract method?

Does anyone know what the Mac shortcut for the extract method part is please? I’ve tried CMD + ‘.’, but it just pastes the highlighted line to the search bar. Can’t find anything for this online either. Thanks!

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In Visual Studio Code for C#, the shortcut for extracting a method is usually “F12” or “Cmd + .”(Mac). If these shortcuts aren’t working as expected, you can check your specific keybindings in Visual Studio Code. Go to “Code” > “Preferences” > “Keyboard Shortcuts” and search for “extract method” to see the assigned shortcut for your environment.

If by chance you are using Xcode, which I doubt it is “Ctrl + CMD + E.”

Hope this helps!

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And that’s great, thanks for your help. I managed to find it finally in the preferences, as you’d pointed me to. It seems the shortcut is named ‘Find Extension Methods’ in my Visual Studio version on Mac, but when I assigned a shortcut to it, it worked just as seen in the video.

Thanks again, Christopher!

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