Low Poly Characters - Personal Project: A Girl Gang

I loved this course :heart: Thanks Grant and all other students for your explanations and kindness. Now, I want to share with you my own personal project inspired by these lessons: a gang of teenage girls :slight_smile:

Here are the setups, with reference images and simple models inherited from the previous lessons, ready to be modified!

Let’s blend!


The first on the list is Anna.
I proceed in a methodical and circular way, one character after another, in order to maintain a certain graphic coherence in the group :alembic:

First, the basic shape with the approximative body measurements. Then, I added Loop Cuts to round the shapes as learned. Then, I found some face structure that I like: a cubic nose, a cubic mouth and cubic eyes. Again, different variations for each character.

Next, I add the hair and refine the face. As seen in the image below, Anna has « antennae », because I am still working with the mirror modifier. While waiting to break the symmetry and add the small missing details, I will have the shoes to sculpt.

But for now, it is Bea’s turn :blush:!

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Here is Bea…

… And Carlotta.

Not so easy to extrude some parts which need to be join, as the backpack and it’s straps, or the necklace and the pendant. I used Delete Faces and Fill a lot of times. I’m sure there is a more efficient way but, for now, it works :grin:


Here is Dora…

… and Ella.

Again, lots of Extrude, Delete Faces and Fill to create the coats.


And the last one, Flora.
I can say that I’m proud of the dreadlocks, which were difficult to extrude without messy topology. The Face Orientation Overlay was really helpful for this part :pray:t5:

Next step: shoes!


Ok, sculpting the shoes was really funny. I think it’s a good exercise to try to create some variety from a basic shape. Personaly, I prefer Carlotta’s shoes ^^



Very nice work and shows off very well how much variety can be created still even in low poly characters. By increasing the poly count a little from Grant’s versions.

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The six meshes are ready for movement. Here is a selection of animations from Mixamo, adapted to the behaviour of each character:

  • Anna is listening music with her headphones, so I chose two quite dynamic poses.

  • Bea walks in a more or less elegant way. The nuances are subtle.

  • I want to give a smartphone to Carlotta, so I chose the most suitable pose for this.

  • Dora’s story is less funny: she is injured in her right hand, and her animation should reflect her pain.

  • Ella is a bit depressed, so she walks with a sad face and her head down. Or she flies, because why not :p?

  • Flora should have a skateboard, so I chose appropriate animations. And if she finally doesn’t have the board, maybe she will turn into an angry girl. Or a zombie >_<’

Next step: materials :paintbrush: !

Thanks! Exactly: I try to stay as low poly as possible, and experiment with flat design expressions and hair blocks ^^
I hope the color and lighting will make the all thing look nice :crossed_fingers:t5:


A really nice object to create. I started badly without using the mirror modifier but I realized my mistake soon enough to start again with good practice. And because a skateboard is totally symmetrical, I also used the Y-Axis.

I don’t know how to animate the board yet so it will just stay under the character for now. Illusion is key!


Great little addition, give another character roller skates!

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Hehe. Yes, it should be done!

For now, I created six color palettes and I finished the UV editing, using two material slots with different settings:

  • the first one for skins and hairs (organic stuff)
  • the second one for clothes and accessories

It’s a kind of mix of the two techniques shown in the course :blush:

The effects of lighting on it is not really effective but with some little tweaks, maybe it could be better…

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And the final staging, with moving lights, background and so on.

The final render without animation:

I won’t go further here because I’m lacking of knowledge, but it was a fun and really useful way to improve my skills :star_struck: Now it’s time to jump into another course :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

PS: If you want to see how it works behind the scenes, here it is:


Very effective and nicely done.

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