Looking for Pixel Artists


I am making a game series called Pokemans Infrared and Ultraviolet, a parody of Pokemon, and I need an artist to make 16-bit art for my characters. If you wanna help, you must know how to make 16-bit pixel art,and you can email me @ KyBerLeger@gmail.com. Thanks.



Try having a search through here using the collaborate tag, a couple of people have offered to do this kind of thing before, here’s a link to one such individual who helped another student with some 2D sprites for his Laser Defender game;

It doesn’t look like Kevin has been on the forum since December, but if you tag him (@username) he may receive a notification, or check people’s profiles and you may find links to their website and subsequently a Contact page etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:




No problem, and good luck :slight_smile: