Offer - Pixel art for simple games

Hey everyone,

my name is Kevin and I’m new here. I’d like to brush up on my 2D art skills and offer my services as a pixel artist for a small game. My schedule is a bit hectic so I prefer not to be the only artist on the team, if possible.

Anyway here are some of the examples of things I created:

If you are looking for a pixel artist, and you find it interesting feel free to write me either here or on my Twitter account:


P.S. For practice I might be putting together couple of smaller sprites, if anyone would be interested, I can share them with others, free to use in your projects (naturally, credited).

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Hi Kevin,

What a nice offer and also, nice work in your portfolio.

I’m just chiming in because you will probably find after a day or so your topic drops down from the Latest view and students taking courses where your offer would be of real benefit may not see it. What you could consider is checking out some of the sections periodically for games like Block Breaker and Laser Defender, from the Unity 2D course and maybe reach out to some students directly.

Some students tend to work through these sections and then move on, but others really want to make the game their own and I’m sure many would be keen to have some help if the art side of things isn’t their speciality. :slight_smile:


glad you like the portfolio :slight_smile:
Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to do that. I wasn’t quiet sure which web to post the offer to and I always had good experience with people here.

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It’s absolutely fine to post here, I just wanted you to be aware of the visibility, e.g. you might lose that over time, so if you wait on other people to respond, they may not see it. But if you jump in on a few students topics where they are showing their game progress and you could always link back to this topic in your replies too :slight_smile:

I hope you find some suitable projects to work on to practice those skills, I’m sure there’ll be a demand for spaceships, power-ups, explosions, projectiles etc :slight_smile:

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Hi Kevin.

Thank you for the kind offer.

I’m making an extended version of the Last Defender game from the Unity 2D course.

Not sure how to ask but could you make sprites for my game’s power ups? Current sprites are 30~ pixels high and from Kenney’s assets or based thereon.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Hey sure thing!

I saw your extended version and it looked pretty neat :slight_smile: can you please send me private message so we can discuss details?


Hey, @Kevin_teeDee. I am in need of a few artists to make 16-bit characters for my Pokemon Parody game series, Pokemans. If you wanna help out, email me @ Thanks,

KyBer Leger,
KyBer Games.


Thanks for the consideration, unfortunately I’m currently swamped, so it’d go really slow (also I’m horrible with characters :slight_smile: ), but if you don’t mind just drop me a message and we can talk details.


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