Log spam when Hosting, Client can't join

Using UE 4.24
When I press Host my logs instantly start getting spammed by this warning:
“LogWorld: Warning: SetActiveLevelCollection attempted to use an out of date NetDriver: GameNetDriver”

My Client fails to join properly as well.

At first I assumed it is something I didn’t follow properly, so I ended up just copy-pasting most of the Github content to no avail.

I’ve read on some forums that it happens when we don’t use seamless travel, but it needs some extra setup so I am yet to see if it solves it. Also read about Steam and Oculus not letting non-seamless travel to work, and I have a VR headset so this might be related. Unreal seems to be forcing VR things even for projects not developed for headsets.

Would appreciate if there was a painless solution.

It’s possible that VR is having an impact. I would try to remove the headset before you load the editor. Also try to have the SteamVR app closed.

I got the same thing (a ton of the same NetDriver errors spammed), and the issue went away completely when I switched back to only 1 player. Playing the game in PIE with 2+ players caused the issue, playing with only 1 did not.