Little Recommandation

Hello, i got a little recommandation to do.

Since the start of your course, you spend a loooooooooooot of time on the videos just for saying “VsCode is starting”, “unreal has to be restart, …”, “here visual studio open the file and you got functions”, “here i delete the comments”, “blablabla”, that is useless i think and sometimes it make us waste our time because we dont need or it is not necessary to know this kind of things.

So maybe you can cut that in your videos and make them very smaller than actually, then you could save a lot of minutes in your videos and let us focus on the most important part of the course.

That is my opinion becasue sometimes I go further in the video and sometimes 60% of the video contains this kind of information and that sometimes makes the course more difficult than it seems.

I hope I don’t offend you by saying that, it’s just my opinion and i wanted to tell you.

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That’s valid feedback. I guess the instructor was going on the premise of repetition reinforces learning. It is a good approach and helps create leaner and cleaner code.

I’ll be sure to share with him.

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I appreciate you sharing your opinion on this!
I also disagree though only in the sense of truly beginner courses. Having those slower points where we learn things that are not necessary to repeat helps it feel very beginner friendly. Even opening the programs, I indeed was super intimidated, but the teachers’ slow openings make me feel very comfortable like I can get familiar with it.

Later chapters in the same course, or courses not marked for beginners should not always include those most likely so that it is cleaner cut to what new lessons you should be getting comfortable with instead. I understand the feeling of some portions having too much information about something, I think dealing with the repeating or ‘drag out’ now can help avoid confusion later down the road since you’ll have had a repeated run down about ‘this’ feature for a few extra minutes when you did your course here.

Everyone learns differently, hope you’re able to get the best out of this!

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I understand the frusturation, I tried to show the whole process so that the viewer doesn’t get lost. Some people get upset when you skip over certain parts and some get lost. But of course some people like you want things to progress faster. Its a difficult balance to achieve.

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