Line trace hit is not being logged



not sure what is wrong with my code

What I understand about pointers

I compared it with mine. Looks all fine. Maybe you have set the Reach small in .h so It can’t reach out to what’s in front of you. Mine is const float Reach = 100.0f. Or maybe you forgot to tick the Simulate Physics box, under the chair’s details. That is all I can come up with. Sorry if it wasn’t enough.


Make sure the collision preset is set to PhysicsActor CollisionPreset


Unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem. I have double checked the suggestions above but they are all fine.

edit -> My problem was that the if statement with the log output was above the whole hit parameters thing. By moving the if statement to the bottom my problem was solved.


Did you get it to work @Jacob_Temple? I’m experiencing the same issue in Unreal 4.20.


Turns out closing and restarting Unreal did the trick for me - the log suddenly started appearing again.


May be your reach value is small. While playing make sure you are near to chair so that your line trace is actually hitting the chair or table (Physic Body) and see if now you are getting your logs