Lighting affected when scene is reloaded

When I reload my scene upon triggered collision the lighting is decreased and more shadows appear as if a light source is disabled. This is before collision

Below is after collision
any suggestions on how I can fix this??



Please go to Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings. At the bottom of the Inspector, click on “Generate Lighting”. You could also try to disable “auto-generate lighting”.

Did this fix it?

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Yes generating the lighting helped thank you!! :slight_smile:
Could you please provide me with a simple explanation why generating lighting helped? I just would like to know when I should do this or not and I would very much appreciate it if you could enlighten me

I assume that your computer is too slow to generate the auto-lighting fast enough. Check the bottom right corner of Unity. If you constantly see a progress bar there, Unity is busy generating the lighting.

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Good to know thank you! :slight_smile:

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