Let's see your smoke!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

I really enjoy particle effects so this series of videos was a fun one. Apparently I can’t embed mp4s as a new user so here’s a link instead.

Also, I didn’t notice any issues with using GPU emitters with the dynamic bounding box.


I went for a whisper of smoke but will revisit this as not sure where i plan to go on this yet


Tried to capture the backblast explosion that escapes the barrel as well as the puff of lingering smoke.

Still having issues keeping the whole thing visible more than 3 or 4 seconds…


Amazing looking landscape, well done

Boom, boom, boom!
This is fun stuff!!


Very nice effect, thanks for sharing.

Really nice ground-dust effect! Reminds me of video footage from US Tanks in Irak :slight_smile:

Catching up the lessons, here are my energy-burst rounds :slight_smile:


Wow, this is really nice…

Here is my pinkish smoke wall of Doom!

I changed the colour and initial size for a bit of a funny result.

Where’d you find the sound clip for your firing?

These are six firework explosions from a sound pack. Lined up in a sound cue via random-node and random modulation.

Here is my particle system:

Made a smaller explosion from the pipe and grayish smoke, just playing around a bit. Fun with particles, but easy to get stuck in there for hours! :slight_smile:

I did not plan on background music, but the recorder did it’s thing, catching the music playing somewhere on windows.

Anyway, I tried with some faster rounds at the moment and it is really tough to evade incoming!

Thanks to the unintentional music though, relaxing:

My Smoke Particle Effect

Here’s my improvements for LaunchBlast Particle System!

Here’s my particles - went with a larger fireball, and got rid of the smoke trail in favour of a shockwave trail (more realistic imo :wink: )

The only problem is that, when I set the launch speed to something more realistic, the particles don’t spawn fast enough, and so are appearing away from the end of the barrel. And the initial shockwave is appearing even further away for some reason, even though none of the emitters have delays…

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