Let's play Clash Of Clans!

If you’re around the same experience level as us, why not join our clan?

  • Minimum 1000 trophies, less than 800 gets kicked to keep the standard.
  • We go to war at least weekly.
  • We are legion :wink:

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Mwahaha, @ben shells out real cash and I’m still in the lead!


I’m not sure you’ve chef-out the clan ratings recently @sampattuzzi. We’re all inspired by @mason_hageman though!

2 more clan members and we’re able to go to war.

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I usually don’t play such games anymore (since Ogame and Red Dragon times…) but… I’ll try to find you today :wink:


After something like 11 days I finally finished researching my level 3 P.E.K.K.A… I can now boastfully announce to people that I have a level 3 pekka… I am currently in a self made clan with my lad, who doesn’t really play it much, I wont be seeing him for another 10 days now (:frowning: school trip) and I wouldn’t want to abandon him in his absence…

Perhaps when he returns we could both join? He isn’t particularly active on it… he got bored of waiting… so I have been updating his and mine! (because apparently I have all the time in the world)

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I used to play Clash of Clans but stopped.

Hmmm. shall I make a come back?!?

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Sure! Don’t make us look too silly though!

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@ben Not a chance of that. I wasn’t that good at it!

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Boom, 1250 at last.


lol - congrats @ben :smiley:

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:rage: grrr!

What about Clash Royale?

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Never tried it, how does it compare?

It’s a bit like playing herthstone but in real time. A Tower Defense/Attack. The UI is just perfect. The thing that sets it apart from other mobile games, though, is the high levels of saltyness/cockyness your system receives when winning/losing. It’s easy to lose your nerves when you lose, but at the end it all comes to adapt to other player’s strategies and the metagame in general.


I really liked Clash Royale. In essence it’s as if you collect cards that you select as your hand and use that hand to defeat your opponents hand.

You still need skill though, it’s not just your card has a higher stat than the opponents so you win.
You have to strategically place your cards in RTS style and then counter where they put their troops.

I’m not explaining it very well!

Just one more clan member and we are able to go to war

Assuming I selected the right one, I’m in (King Element IV)… if my son balls his eyes out upon his return from his school trip I will hold you all fully responsible :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll pop over for a war :slight_smile:

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wow @Jay, we are not worthy of your trophy score!

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lol @ben …I was hooked on this game for about two years, had a lot of fun along the way. A friend looks after my account now, so after the war I will take it back to his clan. But I’ll steal it back every now and again to visit you guys!..Also, I’m a complete gumby when it comes to wars, so I’ll probably butcher my attacks :smiley: