Lesson: Connecting via LAN. 20 errors at compiling

Hi! I am trying to follow the lesson. I did everything as the teacher says (attached screenshots) . When i compile i get 20 errors…
I didn´t expect that.
I am using same Unreal Engine but Xcode and not VSCode, but i think i did the same.
Can some body help me out?

Thank you

course: Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer: Make Your Own Co-Op Game

At a guess, your build setup is not correct. I checked your code against the lecture and it looks to be fine. I don’t have access to a mac so I’m only guessing here. I do remember seeing something in the past about having XCode set up and often you need a specific version for UE versions for it to work correctly. Other than this, I am unable to help.

Thank you very much!!! I will take a look!

It wasn´t because of the xcode version.
But what I did, because I had Unreal Engine installed in an external SSD.
I reinstalled everything in the computer itself and it worked.
And by the way you can change the SOURCE CODE and use VSCODE
I hope it helps if someone is having the same problem

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