Lecture 117 - What's a lamp without light? Adding a bulb

Desc 3 Update #1 - Fixed the fireflies

So a couple of things. First I discovered that I had changed the rendering resolution and it caused my lamp image to render with the wrong aspect ratio. That was a simple fix. Now the bowl of the lamp looks like a circle, as you would expect.

Secondly, and more importantly, I discovered how to overcome the “fireflies” in my original issue. Fireflies is a term people use for the bright white pixels that cycles tends to render from the light source. As it turns out, my problem was caused by the glass of my bulb. Even though the emissive surface in the glass is very weak, it still caused the fireflies.

Thanks to BlenderGuru.com, I found the answer on how to make the glass functionally transparent to the light and thus removing the fireflies!

Check out the video at:

If you want to jump to the glass part: https://youtu.be/jNzuXO31qcg?t=18m58s
I followed the instructions for making the glass transparent and here is what my node layout looks like:

I strongly recommend that you watch the video, even if for only 10 minutes, it will give some explanations as to what’s happening and why this appears to work.

December 2 - Original image

So here’s my lamp with a bulb. If I scale down the picture after it’s rendered, it looks better than at full resolution because of the scattered “light pixels” Still more to learn.


The texture on the shade looks good.

Did you end up using subsurface scattering on it?
Also, did you actually model a lightbulb for this?

I’m modeling a light bulb for mine, no way around it with the approach I’ve chosen.

I did use the subsurface scattering for both the inner and outer textures. I only removed the gloss from the internal one.

And yes, I did model a bulb. I went for an Edison style bulb, so it’s really just 2 cylinders. The filament I started with a cylinder that was 8 sided and removed half of them. I applied the emissive texture to that. Then I made another cylinder, beveled the end, solidified it and applied a glass texture to it. You can just make it out in the image.

I turned off the shade to make the bulb easier to see. I still have to apply the copper nodes came up with. That will be the next task.

Looks really interesting. :smiley:

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Thanks, @paulecoyote!

I cheated the class a little and googled how to get this exported from the timeline to video. (I was impatient!) Here’s what I have so far:


5000 samples.
Render Time: 30 mins

@Hoakin1995, did you add wings to the lamp? That’s cool :slight_smile:

Yes, and thank you! I’m going to render my first animation now :slight_smile:

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I used this method for my bulb. Thanks for posting it!

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