Layer transparency looks off

Using the provided resources in the lecture, for some reason my stars_1 layer looks significantly different than in the video, like the transparency is turned down. So far I’ve been unable to hunt down the cause of issue.

As you can see in the attached screenshot the “cloud” effect is much brighter, to the point where it no longer looks good.

Hi Trunker,

Have you already tested other shaders? There is a ‘Shader’ field in the material.

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Thanks Nina.

I followed the tutorial and my shader is current set to Unlit / Transaparent. I haven’t one that makes it look like the tutorial yet.

Actually, Standard Transparent seems to be alright. Good enough for me.

I’m curious as to why it is rendering differently though.

There is very likely a problem in the shader code itself. The shader code defines how the input data gets processed. Since you did not write that code, it is not your fault that it does not work as expected. If you found a shader that does what you want it to do, use that one instead. :slight_smile:

See also:

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