Laser Defender

Posting the results of my game from the Laser Defender lesson to keep with posting. I had a bit of a hard time as I don’t really like this kind of game and I hated Space Invaders. But I completed it anyway and tried to find a few of my own assets, play with particle effects and star fields a bit more. Due to the music it’s a bit big for a web gl game. Posting it to keep with the spirit of sharing the games and putting them out there.


Hey @Scott_Turnbull, really like this, well done…

Game speed is good, I like the different sized stars scrolling down at different speeds in the background etc.

Menu buttons are great, the main font reminds me of the one used in Airwolf, but really works well.

If I could spend 2 wishes on this game they would be;

  1. Brightness of enemy shots - I found it a little hard to see them and with only one life ended up at the menu pretty quick
  2. Lives - I want to play your game, but I don’t get to for very long with only the one life

All in all very good - I am going back now to try and beat my 3400+ score :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


9450! w00p! hehe…

Forgot to say, I really like the credits also, e.g the acknowledgement of the bits and bobs assets wise… :+1:

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Hey @Scott_Turnbull, I really like the way that you made this game!

You’ve executed very well the parallax effect on the star field, also the enemy’s spawn animation is looking amazing, congratulations!! Did you used a sprite for that animation or was any other kind of tool?

I share the exact same opinion as @Rob, if I could spend 2 wishes on this game, they would be the same as his. I have played one round that I died even before I had time to move, you could delay the first enemy spawn a bit also.

You are very talented Scott, looking forward to see more games made by you.
Best regards,

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Thanks for that feedback, it’s helpful to keep in mind. I may go back and implement lives and a deeper system but I was struggling with this lesson because I really hated this kind of game and am excited to get to the next lesson.

I definitely appreciate the comments.


The spawn in is a particle effect attached to the model that plays out in the time the animation runs. Thank you very much for the comments and suggestions, that helps me target what kind of thinking I want to include.


As the author of this game @Scott_Turnbull I feel it only fair that you let us know what your highest score is to date! Give us something to aim for etc :wink:

Welcome as always regarding feedback… tis a good game :slight_smile:

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Good to know @Scott_Turnbull, I’ll try to apply the particle effect this way too, it’s soo cool!!

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@Rob and @Joao_Dalvi thanks for the comments and trying the game.

It is a good exercise for me to make changes based on player feedback. I changed the color of the enemy lasers, added a “lives” system by giving the ship a shield to survive 3 shots, added a delay to the enemy firing on enter, changed a bit of music.

I tried to do some other things like add explosives but ended up going down a rabbit hole with a combination of not understanding animation well enough and the assets I tried I couldn’t get modified.

I think I am at the limits of my abilities and going to move to the next lesson but I wanted to honor that great feedback with some effort. I appreciate it.

Latest Game Update


boom - nice update @Scott_Turnbull! Really enjoyed playing it again :slight_smile:

12,950! - not bad for the last lin of defense - nice to have a reason to come back to it in the future though eh :wink:


Good update @Scott_Turnbull, the gameplay is so much more enjoyable right now!
It was worth the effort! Besides the game getting polished, we also learn a lot from making changes based on feedbacks.


25800! Love the game @Scott_Turnbull! It has a great pace to it and I love the SFX and the spawn in effect is AAA! Great job on the update. Can’t wait to see what you build next.


No, no, no, noooooo!!

Right… back I go :smiley:


eh hem…

…bring it! :smiley:

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That’s cute

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hehe, nice one @Scott_Turnbull - each time I get to 34,500 I instantly die and it says “Rob, you suck!” on the screen? :smiley:

Bugs are bound to happen I guess. :slight_smile:

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hehe, bugs?! Surely not! It did occur to me that I could keep challenging your score, right up until I thought… yeah, but he can just hard code a variable for his score to be 50 points more than mine on each time without making the effort! :smiley:

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Sure but so can you! I regularly make my code available

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LOL! Damn it! :smiley: Of course I was only joking… has been good fun though, nice bit of competitive alien shooting never hurt anyone :slight_smile: