[Laser Defender Varient]Sabre Arcade

I am proud to present my version of Laser Defender. Not as advanced as some of you incredible people, but nonetheless I am proud of it:

Sabre Arcade

A special thank you to everyone who helped me along the way with this project including: @Joao_Dalvi, @Rob, @Todd_Vance, @Rivaldragon, and many others!


Hey Jason,

but nonetheless I am proud of it

…and so you should be, fantastic effort and a great result, really enjoyed playing this.

The backgrounds and text work really well, the sounds and music are very nice. I especially liked the alternating firing on the player’s ship, really nice.

Thanks for the shout-out on here, and for immortalising us in your credits! :slight_smile: You are, of course, more than welcome for any help, and if there’s anything else, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

So, what are you plans now? Moving on to another game, or doing some more with Sabre Arcade? l will look forward seeing what you share :slight_smile:


Really liked what you have done with this game King, congratulations! You have been producing very good content lately!! All those modifications adds a lot to the game!

Thank you for adding us in the credits! Let us know whenever you need something, is our pleasure to help! This is the essence of a good community, everyone adding a bit in order to help the others and to improve each others experience


I have to move on to Glitch Garden for now. I am keeping ahead of my Game Programming & Design class and creating an extension to the course for teachers who may want to use these projects in their classrooms. I may revisit in the future. Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate it!

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Look forwards to seeing your version of Glitch Garden shortly then… :slight_smile:

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