Laser Defender:uploading to gives the proportions wrong

Hi there, I have just finished the course and I am very happy about it. But I have got a problem.
It seems that the proportions of the game when it is uploaded is wrong… Could anyone please have a look at it and maybe suggest what I could do?

Here is the link:

Hi Zizhen,

Did you set the correct resolution in File > Build Settings > Player Settings before you build your game to WebGL?

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Hi Nina,
thank you so much for your reply. No I have not.

I am checking it out now. I am guessing I have to change the resolution. So for my height to be 1920 and width 1080.

1920 could be a bit high for most screens. Try 450(w) x 800(h).

See also:

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Ok will try that. Many thanks, in the build settings, when i build for WebGL, do I tick the box for Development build before build and run or do I leave it be unticked?

nvm that was a stupid question. Sorry

That’s not a stupid question. Enable “Development Build” if you know there is a bug in your WebGL build that needs to be fixed. This build is for you, the developer of your game.

Do not share your development build with normal players because the console can be very confusing for them.

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