Laser Defender : Let me know what you thing. Can you reach more that 10.000 points?



Hi guys,

I finished my version of the laser defender. These are the modifications:

  • Added blinking effect when the player gets shoot
  • Added particle effects when the player or enemy get shoot
  • Explosion when the player dies
  • One variation of the enemy: stronger, and more dangerous
  • Added 3 life. 3 hearts represent the life you have before dying
  • Player blinking after losing one heart
  • Randomly, create an sprite that gives a shield to the player for 5 seconds, if the player picks it up
  • Added sounds when: losing heart, shield up, shield down.

I think that’s all… so, enjoy!!!


Hi @JoseCuenca, this is really cool, I have enjoyed playing your game, both yesterday and today - currently only got as high as 8,400 points though!

Not sure whether you wanted any feedback or not, but a lot of people ask for it, so I thought I would provide some, hope that’s ok… :slight_smile:

Having the extra lives is great, love the shield effect and power-up… dying is fairly spectacular too!
Nice simple sound effects which work great!

I spotted a typo on your start game screen, you have “defende” rather than “defend” - minor thing…

The speed of the game is fairly intense too, from the beginning etc it’s pretty fast.

How about showing what level/wave the player has got to? I was trying to keep count in my head to see if I was making significant progress (I wasn’t paying much attention to the score).

Power-ups lightning icon is nice, but I think a little hard to see.

Pretty sure my shield lasted longer than 5 seconds, but not entirely sure, only just spotted your note about the duration etc. Yesterday I thought there were occasions where I had obtained a shield but then lost it when the next wave arrived, was going to suggest that the player gets to keep it until it’s destroyed… if you’re going with the 5 seconds duration for the shield maybe it could flash red and play a warning type of sound, as I was a little bit more daring when I had the shield :slight_smile:

Power ups for the players shooting would be nice too! Double-shot, or maybe a triple-shot where one goes forward and two out on angles either side etc…

When the player dies and you click play again you’re taken back to the main menu rather than straight back in to the game.

All in all very nice and I have really enjoyed playing your game, all of the feedback above is meant to be constructive and positive - right, back to try again for the 10,000! :slight_smile:



I did it! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hi Rob!!

Thanks a lot for playing to my game. :smiley: I’m happy you’re enjoying it. :wink:

WOW, nice feedback.

  • I’ll modify the typo.

  • I thought about showing the level/wave as well. I’ll do it, it helps you getting more motivated while playing.

  • I’ll have a look on how to make the power-up icons more visible

  • About the seconds of the shield, I was having some different results while playing inside Unity or playing on the web built. I’ll have a look, because I’m not quite sure why. I think it would be cool to add a counter inside the shield, with the remaining seconds? :slight_smile:

  • Yeap, the double shot, special shots, etc… was in my wish list. As I don’t have too much time, and I’d like to finish the course soon, I didn’t implemented those because they require a bit more of work (not too much though). If I have a bit of time, I’ll add something else.

  • About the menu, you’re right. Actually I could just start again. I’ll need to check that everything is OK though, with the variables, music, etc… I’ll change it as well.

I saw your last record. You beat me. I did 12.000. Mmmm, I’ll need to play again… :joy: :grin:

Thanks Again. I’ll let you know when the modifications are done.



Hi @JoseCuenca, you’re more than welcome, I will look forward to seeing an updated version as and when you’re ready. I can’t believe I beat the creators score! :wink:


@JoseCuenca, Awesome game, congratulations!

Regarding the feedback:

*The game speed is good;
*Liked the power-up system;
*Effects were pretty well done;
*Fluid moviments and spawn animation

*The color of the enemy laser is too dark. Since the game is fast, their laser should be easier to see.

I`m looking forward to see updated versions of this game, and Im also looking forward to see some more games made by you! keep up the awesome work


Hi @Joao ,

I’ll change the color of the laser of the enemies as well. :wink:



Hi guys,

well, I fixed everything, and I included a Bonus. What I fixed:

  • typo (defend)

  • showing wave number

  • Icons more visible.

  • Added: counter for the seconds of the shield + a voice counting + blinking shield for the last 2 seconds

  • Added : heart icon to get new life, blue icon for MULTISHOT!!

  • The option in the last menu, changed the text for “Main Menu”. I’d rather prefer the player going to the main menu instead starting playing straight away.

  • Fixed the of the transparency with the alpha with the lasers, and increased the saturation to make them more visible

Well, I stop here, or I’ll never start the next exercise! :smiley: I had to say that I had problems with the coroutines and the static variables. I wasn’t writing the full path (including the class name) and the variables were getting crazy.

Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed a lot. :wink: BTW…

I’m pretty sure you’ll beat that score. Now, with the MULTISHOT, it’s a pleasure to kill the enemies!! :joy:



Hey @JoseCuenca, I have to say I am very impressed with your update - wow!

The changes have really added something extra to your game. I love the new icons for the power ups, multi-shot is fab, the electronic voice on the count down for the shields is brilliant! Fits the game so well.

Alas I only got to 23,700 on my first attempt (I will try again don’t worry!)… I’m pretty sure I may have spotted a bug though… I think I had 2 hearts on the bottom when I got hit, and then I exploded and it was all over. I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty confident. I had had more lives previously and they were disappearing as I would expect.

When I play it next I will specifically look out for it. I could throw a few more ideas your way but I appreciate you want to move on with the rest of the course, so, just a huge well done, great effort and a really good, and fun, game :slight_smile:


Ignore the bit about the bug, I’ve just tried it again and I couldn’t replicate the issue. :slight_smile:


@JoseCuenca, it was good already and now is a lot better with all those modifications! Congratulations!

Looking forward to see more games made by you!! You are very talented buddy.


Hi @Rob and @Joao_Dalvi,

I’m really happy you enjoyed the game. :smiley:

Rob, what a high score! you’re a really good player. :wink:

Joao, your game is really original. Mine is just a version. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the feedback and help. Really appreciated.




I’m glad that you think it’s original! thanks!
Mine is just a version of other games and concepts as well, and it`s still half way done and still very crude, while yours was very nicely done inside it’s concept, and very well polished also!