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Thanks for the replys. I found a solution to the S6 tablet conection problem , it seems that all I had to do was add the windows superdisply draivers to my pc but Im not sure the tab s6 is the greatest solution. Does anyone know of a larger draw pad ( perferably just draw pad no display) ? as all the ones Iv found online are on the smaller side.

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Did you check Huion?

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I used two different tablets for some time for photo processing and coding (ah, yes, weird, but after getting used to it, why change it? :joy:). Those were an A5 and an A4-sized tablets and were great for photo retouching, processing, free-hand drawing, copying (and moving text blocks around). Even the A5 was good for working on small details of building-wrap sized images (it felt tiny, but it was possible; there’s practice involved too). This said, I tried a glass surface later on, and it immediately became a “no” for me… The Huion pads mentioned by @FedPete look good enough for a start; there’s no need to pay much more for learning and making an informed decision later on. I hope it helps!


Im a sucker for Wacom and have being using a wacom intuos pro, but being looking for a change to a digital display one, Don’t know if i should stick with wacom or try a different manufacture.

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