Laggy moving blocks

I was wondering how we get the moving platforms to be less jittery on the client side? The one host movement is smooth but every client that connects has terribly jittery movement.

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This can be down to pc performance rather than the game itself. UE isn’t really designed for multiple versions of the game ona single pc but does at a pinch for testing. Unless you have quite a high end computer, it may cause the jitter. There are also settings related to update frequency which can help, covered later in the course.

I’d think I’ve got a high end enough pc to run a few moving blocks. But I could be wrong. I think it’s more server latency or something.

Server latency is almost zero when running locally with 2 clients. Updates are, as default, sent once per second which may be the cause. This is covered in section 4.

I don’t recall having issues with this locally on my PC when running 2 sessions from Powershell however.

If you’re using UE5.1, even the most basic levels need a lot of GPU which may cause issues.

There’s many things that can influence performance here. I would recommend closing the editor when doing these tests.

Performance is fine. It’s only the moving platforms on the client side. Even in packaged standalone it’s the same thing.

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