Kinda broke project

Hey, I kinda broke my whole project, and I cant find my backup. How can I pull the project you got from GIT or something so i dont have to do it all over again from start? I got some changes from your project but that is an easy fix i think. The issue came when i imported the Environment file i downloaded from you guys and it overridden my sandbox level i had before that. i did not get an folder with Environment inside my scenes folder

oh nwm I think I found it

Remember with the environment file that we can’t distribute the free asset store packages Nathan mentions in the video. When installing these, the scene should then work properly.

I had them installed, and even tried reimporting, but had a load of problems other than what where in the lecture, and I could not get it fixed like in the lecture, but after I pulled (or downloaded) the project from gitlab I got it working like it should, and got my tweaks in there like I had before :slight_smile:

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