Kage to Muon (Shadow and Silence) / my ninja-themed 2D Tilevania

After much work that can be seen in this other thread I finally finished my Tilevania game.

Here are a couple of gifs where you can see the theme and some gameplay:


Kunai Deflection

The game can be played in the following link:

I tried to fix all of the bugs I encountered during testing but you’ll probably find more… hopefully not too many! You can always press Esc to go to the pause menu and restart the level. Pick ups and killed enemies are remembered.

Enjoy and don’t forget to write a comment letting me know how you found it!


I’m really sorry, I wasn’t even able to get past the tutorial…

There are two major issues I found;

  • The control scheme, I don’t have a numpad… that makes you game way harder than it should, might I suggest adding a way to customize the buttons or add a more universal control like WASD to move, space to jump an HJKL for abilities and other stuff, instead of shift, control and keys certain laptops and Macs don’t have.

  • I got stuck. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I keep breaking games.

Your game is really cool tho, but if you could add customization to the controls it could be a lot better.

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Thanks for your feedback. Getting stuck in the ground happens sometimes when going up or down ladders. When that happens you can press Esc and click on restart. It will bring you to the start of the level again, remembering your pick ups, the enemies killed and your stats. It’s not a perfect solution, so I need to work on that.

The control scheme was really a bad mistake on my part. I never thought about keyboards that wouldn’t include numpads or other keys. Unfortunately allowing customization goes beyond my current knowledge, but I’ll make a note to learn it in the future. Tomorrow I’ll work in a more manageable control scheme and reupload the game.

Thanks again for taking the time to play it!

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I have corrected and added the suggestions from @Yee and reuploaded the game.

  • Fixed the terrain around ladders so you won’t get stuck within it. Nevertheless the restart option is still there just in case.

  • Found a new bug I couldn’t quite get to isolate. Sometimes, if you jump and get hit by an enemy kunai in the air you will froze on the spot and will only move if you get hit again. I only managed to reproduce it 2 times after over 20 tries so I’m not quite sure what’s wrong, hopefully it won’t happen too often. Best solution would be to restart before getting hit again. I need to work on this.

  • Made some changes to the control scheme, including more alternatives.

    • Move with WASD or arrow keys
    • Jump with spacebar
    • Crouch/Slide with any ctrl key, alternative press C
    • Walk with numpad 0, alternative with V
    • Sword attack with any shift key, alternative with H
    • Throw shuriken with left alt, alternative with J
    • Parry with Return or Tab, alternative with K

Hopefully there are enough alternatives for everybody now.

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Taking in consideration suggestions from some folks in the discord server I have edited the game to include checkpoints in the middle of all levels except level 3. I have also refined the balance of the enemies and the player to make the game easier.


The bigger the game, the more work it’ll need.

Enemies can one-shot you if you are close enough to them, they just keep attacking with very few intervals in between, trying to attack them puts you in a life or death situation, it’s just better to avoid them.

The hitbox is weird, in the second level I was able to kill only one enemy ninja before attacking it like 10 times, I’m not exaggerating, I don’t know what happened there.

During the first level, when you encounter the first two ninjas, the one at the bottom goes beyond the wall on the right.

You are going to hate me… The control is definitely an improvement, but not enough, it’s still quite uncomfortable. I know you told me that creating a menu for custom keys is out of your knowledge right now, but I have to say, if you are planning to develop PC games you’ll have to learn how to do them since they are a must for all PC games since there are way too many types of keyboards out there, so, The sooner the better? It could be a nice challenge to improve your coding skills too!

Your game is really cool but still needs a lot of work, don’t know if you plan to keep working on it, but if you are, I’ll be sure to check it out as you work on it.

Have fun deving :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks again for your response! Let’s see.

The rapid fire is a weird bug I didn’t came across during my playtesting, but I just played a few times more and did see it happen whenever I jump close to the enemies or also when getting hit. I had implemented a coroutine that precisely tried to avoid that, but there seems to be problems in my code I’ll need to revise.
You are right about avoiding enemies, going head on wouldn’t be the intended gameplay I wanted to implement, although I didn’t make that really clear either. You one shot enemies if you attack them on the back, so you definitelly should be always waiting for them to turn around to make your move, hiding behind the bushes, trees or stones and then attacking when they turn their back on you again. I wanted to reward patience in that regard.

The hitbox problem makes me really mad because in previous builds it didn’t happen and I have tested it now only to be attacking to the void with the sword most of the time :frowning: . I’m not sure what could be the problem, maybe it’s the collider in the enemies and the trigger of the sword relative position to it, they may be not touching if you are really close to the enemy, but if you just attack a bit further away, where the white trail coincides with the enemy sprite, it does hit. I need to fine tune that better.
Shurikens are still ok it seems. A shuriken to the back is always a guaranteed stealth kill to all enemies.

The enemy crossing the wall in the screenshot you provided was just me being sloppy with the waypoint, I need to make it a bit more to the left.

The control scheme is something I’ll come again in the future, I moved onto other things now (the 3D course), but I’m interested in having this game be played with a gamepad. If I get around this in the future I’ll be updating this thread so you’ll definitely get to know.

Thanks again for trying it out, I’m glad you liked it and found it cool it motivates me to keep going forward :stuck_out_tongue:.

My last question for you would be if you could lay out the specifics of what you did like or find specially cool about the game. That also helps me in figuring out what I did right so I can have them in mind for future projects.

Just a few hours ago I got a notice that Kage to Muon has been featured in the Editor’s Choice List in Simmer.io! :partying_face: :muscle:

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