Just to be pedantic... :)

I really like this Traits system, it’s a nice way to give the player some agency over their progress.

I also just wanted to be “that guy” and say for the sake of accuracy that this kind of transaction is called bargaining or haggling, not bartering. Bartering is a trade of items or services that does not involve the exchange of money (like I give you a cow for five magic beans).

It could be interesting to create a Shop system for true bartering… hmmm, gives me a few ideas…

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Putting on my own pedantic hat…

You’re right, it’s modern definition is trading goods for other goods… though it has an intersting linquistic history, coming from a french word which essencially means to deceive.

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Very interesting! I also learned that “haggle” comes from an old meaning of “to cut unevenly”…

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