Just disable box collider and nav mesh agent upon death

The title. This fixes the bug too and since we don’t intend to revive the units as Rick himself said, I’m fairly confident it’s going to be okay with the rest of the course too

I was also thinking this, with the added bonus that we can then walk over bodies. If there’s a lot of bodies it could make navigation unnecessarily difficult

There are many approaches to ignore the dead enemies, as I read from different posts and the replies by the TA like disable the collider, disable the gameobject, ignore raycasts or set target to null. It depends on the use case, for example, if I want to have a mechanic where the player can stack up the bodies to climb over the wall then I would need the collider. Basically it depends on the use case.


I thought that as well but if we wanted a looting system this wouldn’t work, so depending on what you plan to do for your game pick the method you need

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This is potentially a better solution because these dead enemy capsules are cluttering up navigation and the dead bodies can be pushed around by colliding with the capsule

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