Just a heads up for others and future me

Get ready to go in circles BIG TIME!

I am just frustrated again…

I am an old man who HATES repeating himself!

This type of approach is VERY hard for me.

But… Like I said I am learning things a little at a time because of the CIRCLES.
redo this redo that redo redo redo


I know Sam wants me to learn but this approach is just not suited for me…

Please don’t misunderstand I am grateful for the class and I hope others are NOT going in circles, spinning,…

I even look forward to the next section even more now because we have a lot of things to Shop for and Abilities…

Oh well I vented enough…

PS: This is to remind myself for the next time I go thru this section.

Hi Steve,

I can appreciate being stuck and the feeling of going around in circles is super frustrating especially when we are at a certain age and we feel like the younger generation are running circles around us!
I wonder if you could clarify where in this section you felt you have the most trouble and if you could highlight those points of not understanding.
It may be that we need to review them to see if there is a way to make the learning journey a little clearer or guide you on how best to understand the information we are trying to pass over in those lectures.

Any and all feedback we receive we are grateful for as its how we improve as a company and in the way we teach.

Please do let us know on this as its always appreciated if you can give as much detail as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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