Jump when touching the ground challenge - RigidBody2D vs. CapsuleCollider2D

Hi, so when I attempted the challenge to stop the player from multi-jumping (i.e. only jumping when the player is first touching the ground), I used my RigidBody2D object to check if the player was touching the Ground Layer (which worked for me):

However, when Rick went over his solution, he used the CapsuleCollider2D to make this check. I tested and this works for me as well:

My question is: Does it make a difference whether I use one solution over the other? Is it better practice to use the CapsuleCollider2D? And if so, why?

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The Rigidbody2D acts as a compound collider whose shape matches the shape of all colliders attached to this game object and its children. If you just want to check if a specific collider is touching a layer, you must call the IsTouchingLayers method on the collider. If it does not matter or if you want to to check if the compound collider is touching a layer, you call the method on the rigidbody.

Use the version which solves the problem for you. If both solutions solve it, use the one you prefer.

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Yes that does, thank you!

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