Joining after Hosting



Hello, first I’d like to say thank you so much for this course. I have found it really useful and well thought out.

I’ve recently realized the power of creating my own templates in UE4 and so I’ve been working on a Steam enabled template based on the steam section of the course. When I want to create a new game that enables multiplayer with steam and a basic menu and lobby system I just create a new project based on the template.

One problem I haven’t been able to solve yet is the following scenario: Player A (for example) hosts a game and Player B joins, and then both exit back out to the main menu (but without quitting the game completely). Then, Player B hosts a game. For some reason player A can never find the session to join it. I have a hunch that it has to do with the fact that Player A’s original session is not yet destroyed, since we destroy it upon hosting if it exists. I’ve tried a number of remedies but so far I can’t get anything to work though I’ve found many ways to make UE crash pretty hard. The behavior is consistent across the NULL subsystem and Steam subsystem.

Being able to first Host, and then later join other sessions is not necessarily important, but because it is allowed by the menu system it needs to be addressed I think. Plus I’d really like to understand better what is going wrong.

If anyone has any ideas or hints about how to handle this situation I would appreciate any comments you have.

thanks again,


Oops, I actually found one of my delegates was hooked up to the wrong function. Changing between hosting and joining seems to work once things are hooked up right.



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