Join a community chat [discord] - UNREAL course

Hello everyone,
I though it will be a great idea if we got to chat and support/motivated each other while taking the UNREAL course (even to stay in touch afterward)
I created a discord channel
We can create multiple channels to match our needs. People will have titles showing which section they completed already, this way people can know who to ask or who can ask them about something they already did.
Or simply to have many people from all sorts of fields having random discussions that could lead to awesome discoveries.
Basically, just having fun and getting to know one another while supporting each other.
If you are interested, feel free to join.

Note: Any community mods here, can become mods in the chat as well. Simply send me a message. (We will love to have you :smiley: )

Hi @Maria_Nassar,

We already have an official Discord channel. :slight_smile:

oh? can you share the link please? would love to join it.

Sure, just trying to find it in a copy and pasteable view as I am only my mobile at the moment. One sec…

Here you go, here is the announcement from Ben regarding it…

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