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Link to Discord server is dead - there’s option to generate link, that never expires


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Thanks, I’ve just tested and should be ok, her eit is: https://discord.gg/eUSFZdJ


I have to apologise for my absence from discord since last tuesday. Im on a 3 week trip working offshore and cant access it i the evenings as the internet access is sooo poor.

Ill get back to normal in a couple weeks when i get home.


Now works, thanks Mr. Ben


I’m quite disappointed in this discord server…
thousands of people online but no one who’s contributing AT ALL (and I don’t mean “hey look what i did, isn’t that cool”-kind of posts). easiest questions by users are not being answered. I ask a question on myInsanitys gaming discord server with max 20 users online and get an answer immediately from someone, but your discord server seems to be only there to be IN it… I mean a user asked if in blender some shortcuts have changed (WHAT AN EASY TO ANSWER QUESTION). i came online about 4 hours later and immediately answered him via pm because no one else seems to have done so despite the hundreds of ppl being online but no one seems to care :S

an own question from me also stayed just unanswered for hours until i left discord as this is not helpful in any way…-

has anyone got better experience on this discord server???



Thousands of people “connected” but not “active” which is the issue.

“Instant” help is not guaranteed, it is not part of the GameDev.tv service, much like the forum here, it’s community driven. The only place you are “guaranteed” a response is on the Udemy Q&A. The team have enrolled student instructors to aid with the resolution of queries, they will escalate as necessary, this is not an instant service either, although, depending when you post, like on Discord and here, you may get a timely response.

I was never a big fan of the concept behind the Discord channel personally. Having a place for students to hang out in real time and have conversations is one thing, but this concept of “instant help” was spawned by a student who felt that he wasn’t getting responses from his peers quickly enough here. I should add, those responses coming from other people giving up their time, for free, to help and support other students. An un-official Discord server was set up at one point which, sadly, forced the hand of GameDev.tv to create one themselves.

Often, but not always, students don’t need “instant help”, what they need to do is stop staring at the problem for a while, take a break, come back to it on a fresh head. Or, spend some time researching the issues first before calling out for help. Not only is it fairly lazy to just say “Yep, its broken, someone needs to fix this for me now”, but you also don’t tend to learn anything, or certainly not as much or as well as you would working through an issue. That said, I fully appreciate that when people are new to a subject matter the obvious thing to do is reach out when they are stuck - drum roll - Q&A.

Anyhoo - there’s a little bit of history for you on the Discord server, how it came about, and perhaps why you won’t always be “guaranteed” of that response. Another aspect I think is due to the scrolly nature, that’s very similar to the Latest view on the forum, e.g. people post and after so long (on Discord) or so many posts (on here), that post is no longer hugely visible. People are generally lazy, few will want to give up their time to scroll through tonnes of other people’s banter (with the odd question thrown in) but will instead post their query and watch it get slowly pushed further and further down until no one sees it anymore.


Just to add to this, You asked on a Sunday mid afternoon for the UK which traditionally is time spent with family, something i maintain so i wasnt on discord at the time. My apologies for this but please bear in mind that this may be the case and other time zones do apply.
To address the question you asked, Most of the students that you would be speaking to are taking the complete blender creator that is in 2.79 and so only a handful have played with 2.80 as its still in alpha.
We will be updating 2.79 to 2.8 once they give us a stable version (They just changed default selection to left click instead of right click rolls eyes )

Discord has gotten quiet but you did pick the lowest point of the week and time to post and make this observation. In my opinion it should be “Real Time” help rather than “Instant” as we can only guarantee Q&A responses and those are within 24 hours (Unless its a weekend)

I realize that your question does not fit into the blender Q&A categories but you can post a general Q&A question not attached to the lecture. If i dont know the answer i will try to direct you to information that may help.

In this case though it might take me a week to figure out how they did it as it looks like a fluid simulation that got animated but its clearly not with all those displacement modifiers,


Yes that’s all good and correct but it’s not about getting instant help, never was. Of course I joined discord because I had a question but that’s not what this is about. It was about contribution and participation. I mean why are these people even in discord when no one participates, that’s what my post was about. You interpret to much into my post that isn’t actually what I was trying to say. On the other hand still, gamedev advertises the discord as kinda place where you’ll get more or less immediate help on several locations/places^^ But fine with me. I mean it’s not that I pay anything and this is all free will from gamedevs side and a very great thing, I mean you cannot expect them to offer that as well as offering a site like gamedev dot tv with community sections etc, I mean this stuff is seriously really really awesome, but a discord with so many ppl online should have more participation than only posts from people who show off their stuff once a while (i mean even they do not get much replies if any^^). It’s not about criticism towards gamedev at all, but a little towards everyone else who hangs in the discord for “nothing”.

and even though I might have been online during the “lowest point” as irresistiblejelly calls it, there were still a huge amount of people online, so it’s not that it was THAT low^^). And also it’s not about something was broken and I immediately turned to discord, I actually was trying to get this running for several days before I thought about joining the discord and I didn’t expect any answer, but that it would be THAT “dead” and only a show-off platform was surely a little confusing. To show you that it’s not about me getting instant help is also why I mentioned the question from someone else that could have been answered maybe by half of the people online for sure, and it has in the end absolutely nothing to do with blender version even though half of the users surely already use 2.8, but it’s just that no one actually cared. again, it’s about the correct kind of participation. Maybe I just get the purpose of discord wrong, it’s not that I use it regularly. I installed it possibly below five times so far and deinstalled it after a day or two again right away. Maybe i expect too much as an old teamspeak user where I was used to everyone be speaking and participating all the time.

btw, I did get my space worm to work in the end (vid link below). The only thing I did wrong was that I actually applied a follow path constraint AND a curve modifier instead of only the curve modifier and then set translation keyframes into one direction which make it already follow the path. I mean the rest is simple displacement animation/or choosing world space instead of local in the displacement modifier which leads to the quiggly (is that a word?^^) animation already :wink:

so all in all: i totally love gamedev for what they/you do!! it’s absolutely fantastic and a huge load of work behind and far more than anyone could expect, don’t take it offensively, that’s absolutely not the purpose of my post :slight_smile: