Japanese traditional house

I really like the idea of a gothic church, but wanted to try something different. So here’s a drawing of what I plan to achieve through this section.


I look forward to seeing you created this…especially the roof. I been toying with the idea of doing something Asian but thus far, is still an idea.

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Here’s the test made by building blocks. Quite a few things are missing, but it’s nevertheless amazing to recreate my drawing so quickly.


A finished version of the house, still using basic objects. Similar objects use the same mesh data.

And here’s the first floor, shown from orthographic perspective.


That looks nice. Good work! Love this japanese house stil

Some progress.


Some very remarkable progress! :slight_smile:

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this looks awesome ^^

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Being a martial artist, with a black belt in Jujutsu, and into Japanese culture and language this looks amazing! Is there any chance that you could send me the finished product, so, I could use it as a model to walk through in Unity?

I just had to ask!

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Sure, no problem.


That really is a beautiful piece of architecture. I was very drawn to the detail internally, LOD_B_First_Floor_Interior_2.png with the shelving. The doors also make me want to reach out and slide them across. Great work.

How long did this take you out of interest?

Hard to tell since I used a slow PC and didn’t have much free time. My guess would be 2-3 weeks, but I had to do a lot of research. Work should progress more quickly now.

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Well it certainly looks like a fantastic investment of the time - do you plan on doing more with it @Svetlin_Balkanski?

I haven’t decided yet. Objects like doors are articulated, so I can use the whole thing in Unity at a later stage.
For the moment, it’s a learning experience.

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This is brilliant.
At first I was concerned that your stairs would lead to nowhere based on the upper floor being inset, but I see you addressed that as your model progressed.
Very very nice work.

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Next I’ll add the finer details such as roof tiles.


You have done a nice job! I am curious how many Vertices, Tris, and Faces this creation is? Also, will you be texturing it?

51,444 Tris, 50,300 Faces and 102,484 Faces. This should be reduced greatly after backing.
For the textures, I have to decide if I want to go for a hand painted look using Photoshop, or give a try to either Substance Painter or Quixel.

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Now I don’t feel so bad about the verts, tris, and faces in my Bates House WIP! I don’t know anything about Substance Painter or Quixel but will look into them. Not sure I want to spend more money on yet another program I have to try to learn LOL. Keep up the good work!

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If you’re considering hand painting it, directly painting onto your model looks fun haha. Presumably you’d want to move the texture to photoshop for any refining, but it does look fun.
Here’s a brief tutorial.


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