It is hunting when rotation

Hi, everyone. i’m trying to use vector3.lerp() to rotate the object. if the rotate speed is setting as 10f, why can’t i get same smooth turning. it is turned very slow.
and if the rotatespeed is increase to 100f, when the object’s rotation is happened, the object’s diretion is hunting between left and right.

Paste in your Unit.cs script and we’ll have a look. Be sure to paste the text and not a screenshot.

using UnityEngine;

public class Unit : MonoBehaviour
    private Vector3 targetPosition;//declare the targetposition;

    [SerializeField] private Animator unitAnimator;//declare an animation
    [SerializeField] private float moveSpeed = 4f;//declare the movespeed
    [SerializeField] private float rotateSpeed = 10f;//decalre the rotatespeed

    private void Awake()
        targetPosition = transform.position;//initialize the start postion;

    private void Update()//update method

        float stoppingDistance = 0.1f;//declare the stopping distance between object position and target postion
        if (Vector3.Distance(targetPosition, transform.position) > stoppingDistance)
            //if the distance from target postion to object positon is greater than the stoppdistance, keep moving;
            //if the distance from target postion to object positon is less than the stoppdistance, stop if code excuting;
            Vector3 moveDirection = targetPosition - transform.position;//calculate the move direction from object postion to target postion;
            //Debug.Log("movedirection" + moveDirection);
            moveDirection.Normalize();//calculate the direction to magnutide of 1 (0-1);
            transform.position += moveDirection * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime;//calculate the object postion each frame and assign new position to object position

            transform.forward = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, moveDirection, rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime); //turning is not good, rotatespeed is small, turned too slow; rotatespeed is big, the hunting is happed during turning.
           // transform.LookAt(targetPosition);//always toward to target.
            unitAnimator.SetBool("IsWalking", true);//set animation from idle to walking
            unitAnimator.SetBool("IsWalking", false);//set animation from walking to idle

    public void Move(Vector3 _targetPosition)
        this.targetPosition = _targetPosition;//assign the _targetPostion to targeposition


thank you very much

3rd parameter of Vector3.Lerp accepts values between 0. and 1.
You need a way to calculate current ratio of travelled distance, meaning your current forward to move direction ratio.

But what I would do, is using Quaternion.RotateTowards
It takes current rotation, target rotation and rotation speed in degrees per second, like this:
transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(transform.rotation, targetRotation, step);

Where for target.rotation you can use :



Vector3 direction = targetPosition - transform.position;

step = rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime

Check this out:

and this:

thanks a lot

You’re lerping using the transform.position instead of the transform.forward.

transform.forward = Vector3.Lerp(transform.forward, moveDirection, rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime); //** Edit: forgot Time.deltaTime to keep frame independent

hello , yes it is working after remove the time.deltatime. i’m confusing about tiem.deltatime. is there any difference?
thank you very much!

Actually, you should keep the deltaTime, as it keeps the rotation frame independent, I just failed to type it in when I rewrote the method.

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