Issue with Updating Player Input

So, for this course section, since I know a lot more about programming than I originally did, decided to challenge myself. By that, I mean creating struct Objects for both the axe and circle that hold values. However, the issue I am having now after such doing a massive refactoring is that now the circle movement doesn’t move like it once did. Instead, it seems to disappear. What’s also weirder is that the axe falling down doesn’t give any issue. I have the app target FPS set at 60 and yet I am still getting a weird issue about it.
Below is the refactored code

And here is the result when pressing D

Everything seems to be working right with the axe falling down and up and yet not for player input. I thought about doing references but if that was to fix it, then the axe would also be having the issue. I am at a lost at the moment, but I could be glossing over something that another pair of eyes could probably spot. Or maybe it is how Raylib handles input. I am unsure but I am open to any and all help!