Issue with my player

Hi. I have an issue with my player.on targetting. He sinks into the ground then on esc returns to normal. Did I need to reset the transform on thestate driven camera?
OnTarget issue

It’s not the camera.

It looks like he’s still in the TPose as well. This generally means that the animation’s bones don’t match up with the rig’s bones.

Make sure that the animations you’re using were set up to be used on the model. In Mixamo, this means downloading the animations with the model selected. For third party characters in the Unity Asset Store, if the characters are rigged as humanoid, use only animations rigged for humanoids. If the character is generic or legacy, you need to use the animations created just for that model.

Thanks Brian. How easy is it for me to remove the player and import the correct one? This one has the camera focus and targeter on him.

Once you download the animations made for the character, it’s just a matter of changing the animations in the animator.

For a new character, you’ll need to remove the character in prefab editing mode, and then add in the new character. As above, make sure the animations in the animator were made for the character.
Then, once you’ve saved the prefab, go to your cameras and re-assign the targets.

Hi Brian. I have restarted the course from scratch now in a new project. As I was having multiple issues with animation. I downloaded from Mixamo originally and changed the rig to humanoid and extracted materials so not too clear what the issue was.

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